Thursday, 15 June 2017

Installing A Lawn Sprinkler System Pros And Cons

If you are tired of watering your lawn manually and want a nicely manicure lawn, a sprinkler system is worth the investment. Here are some pros and cons to help you make the decision.

PROS of installing a sprinkler system

- A sprinkler system will take care of watering of lawn for you. That means no manual labor and time saved where you could do more enjoyable activities.

- Since a sprinkler system can be set to distribute water at a set time a nd a specified amount of water, the result is a healthier lawn and water conserved. Once set up, the system requires very little attention.

- Though you need to invest some money up front. Over the long run a sprinkler system will pay for itself by eliminating over watering. Not to mention the personal time you save for other activities.

CONS of installing a sprinkler system

- As mentioned earlier, an investment must be made initially but can be easily recouped with the water conserved and time used for other activities.

- A sprinkler system requires electricity to run but then this is very minimal.

- Depending on the type of lawn sprinkler system you will install, you may need to dig up part of your lawn. This mean unsightly soil laying around but of course this is only temporary.

- A sprinkler system can be a DIY project but it is highly advisable to get a

professional to do the job properly.

There you have it, some pros and cons in installing a sprinkler system. Decide for yourself if the advantages of a sprinkler system outweigh the disadvantages.

By: Charles Pasion

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