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Top 4 Emerging Trends Impacting the Global Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems Market Through 2020, from Technavio

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Technavio's latest report on the global

wet fire sprinkler systems market provides an analysis on the

most important trends expected to impact the market outlook from

2016-2020. Technavio

defines an emerging trend as a factor that has the potential to

significantly impact the market and contribute to its growth or decline.

Sunil Kumar Singh, a lead analyst from Technavio, specializing in

research on embedded

systems sector, says, "The global wet fire sprinkler systems

market is expected to witness a year-on-year (YoY) growth of close to

10% during the forecast period, due to several countries in Europe and

the Americas making it mandatory to install fire sprinkler systems in

newly constructed buildings. The local jurisdictions are also taking

initiatives to retrofit fire sprinkler systems in existing residential


Developing nations in APAC like China, India, Vietnam, and

Indonesia are witnessing significant construction activities, resulting

in increased demand for fire sprinklers. Rapid urbanization in these

developing countries has led to the congestion of cities and towns,

which has resulted in an increased risk of fire hazards. For instance,

if a building in a congested locality faces a major fire hazard, the

fire can spread to other buildings in Sprinkler System Rockwall its vicinity. To prevent this,

governments in developing nations have implemented strict fire safety

rules and regulations, which will boost the growth of the market.

The top four emerging trends driving the global wet fire sprinkler

systems market according to Technavio hardware

and semiconductor research analysts are:

Legislations in support of installation of fire sprinklers

Increased adoption of water mist suppression sy stems

Development of fire suppression with HI-FOG technology

Decline in cost of installing fire sprinkler systems

Legislations in support of installation of fire sprinklers

According to World Fire Statistics, the number of fire incidents

recorded worldwide was 2,726,787 in 2014, with the US topping the list

of the countries, followed by the UK and France. Therefore, the

countries across the globe are taking initiatives by introducing

legislations for the installation of fire sprinklers in newly

constructed buildings to prevent Sprinkler System Installation Rockwall loss of life and property. Many states

in the US are planning to adopt model building codes that would require

the installation of fire sprinklers in new homes. In the UK, certain

local authorities require buildings particularly multi-occupancy

buildings over 7,000 m to install fire sprinkler systems.

Governments of different countries in APAC are also planning to adopt

model building codes that would require the installation of fire

sprinklers in new homes. For countries in which there are no such codes

or ordinance related to the installation of fire sprinklers in homes,

government offers incentives to encourage their installation and use.

According to the National Building Code of India, all the buildings,

depending on their occupancy, use, and height, shall be protected by

automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, high or

medium-velocity water spray, foam, and wet risers. Similarly, the

Ministry of Public Security of China has also mandated the installation

of fire sprinklers in buildings accor ding to the Fire Act 1998.

Increased adoption of water mist suppression systems

Water mist suppression systems were originally designed to combat fires

on ships. However, they are gaining popularity and acceptance as a

viable option even on land and are being considered an eco-friendly fire

suppression technology. A key advantage of water mist suppression

systems over the traditional fire sprinkler systems is their ability to

use significantly less water to control fire and cause much less damage.

This is helping water mist suppression systems to penetrate new end-user

sectors such as the machinery spaces, turbine enclosures, industrial

pump rooms, and commercial kitchens.

Water mist suppression systems have become quite popular in Europe. In

2016, a fire broke out in an unprotected adjacent building to

Stortorvets Gjestgiveri restaurant in Oslo, Norway. Serious loss of life

and property was prevented due to the use of Minimax's EconAqua low

pressure water mist system.

Development of fire suppression with HI-FOG technology

Fire sprinkler manufacturers and construction companies focus more on

developing and using fire sprinklers that are water efficient. Thus,

they focus on techniques to control the wastage of water. Pressure

adjustment and reduction of the water sprayed by sprinklers helps reduce


The HI-FOG technology is an efficient technology, as it uses less water

than traditional sprinkler systems. The technology is based on fast

evaporation of water that cools down the flame and surrounding gases as

well as displaces oxygen locally. The water mist system works more

efficiently than traditional fire sprinkler systems because of its

smaller water droplet size. "Water mist systems control the room

temperature and convert the droplets i nto steam, suppressing the fire.

The water damage from water mist systems is quite less as compared to

ordinary water sprinklers," says Sunil.

Decline in cost of installing fire sprinkler systems

There has been a consistent decrease in the cost of fire sprinkler

systems since 2008. One of the major factors for the decline in the

installation cost is advances in fire sprinkler systems such as the

availability of the more flexible piping system and extended coverage


Also, several insurance companies are offering steep discounts to

builders and home owners on the installation of wet fire sprinkler

system. All these factors are contributing to the decline in the overall

cost of installing wet fire sprinkler systems.

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